Kazandibi (Brown top Pudding) 6

Topped  with cinnamon

                            Sutlac (Rice pudding) 6

Rice, milk, sugar

Ice Cream 6

Hazelnut ice cream with chocolate sauce

Baklava with Pistachios 7

Layers of phyllo filled with pistachios, sweetened w/simple syrup

Kunefe 8

Shredded phyllo, sweet cheese. Sweetened w/simple syrup. Served hot 

 Kadayif 6

Shredded phyllo, pistachio. Sweetened w/simple syrup

Burma Kadayif 8

Shredded phyllo, rolled and stuffed with walnut. Sweetened w/simple syrup

Katmer 8

Thin phyllo layer filled with pistachio and fresh cream.

Irmik Helvasi 8

Semolina desert.

Chocolate Soufflé 8

Chocolate soufflé with orange zest.



Turkish Gazoz (Uludag Gazoz) 3

Turkish Gazoz (Orange flavor) 3

Ayran 3

Salted yogurt drink

Bottle Water (Acqua Panna) 5

Pellegrino Sparkling Water 5

Turkish Sparkling Water 2

Can drinks (Coke, Sprite, Ginger Ale, Diet Coke) 3

Juices (Cherry, Peach, Apricot) 3

Iced Tea (Snapple, Unsweetened)


Turkish Tea  Small 2    Large 3

Turkish Coffee 3

Coffee  2