Falafel (5 pieces) 10

Pan fried pureed chickpeas patties served with hummus

Phyllo Rolls (Sigara Boregi) (5 pieces) 8

Crispy phyllo rolls filled w/Turkish feta cheese and parsley

Zucchini Pancakes (3 Pieces) 10

Pan fried mashed zucchini blended with scallion, dill, and herbs

Calf’s Liver (Arnavut Cigeri) 10

Fried calf’s liver cubes served w/red onion and tomato. (May not be zabiha halal.)

Fried Calamari 10

Served with tartar sauce

Muska Boregi (4 pieces) 10

Muska shaped phyllo dough stuffed w/pastirma and mozzarella cheese

Mixed Hot Appetizer Platter 25

Liver, falafel, zucchini pancakes, crispy phyllo rolls




Rice (white) 4

Bulgur 4

Fries 4

Yogurt 4

Sliced Carrots 3

Sliced Cucumbers 3