-Add grilled vegetables to any entrée 5



Served with white rice, bulgur, mix green, grilled tomato and hot pepper

 Lamb Shish Kebab 20

Marinated baby lamb cubes

Lamb Adana Kebab 18

Chopped lamb mixed with fresh herbs and spices cooked on flat shish

 Doner (Gyro/Shwarma) 18

Thinly sliced roasted meat. (Friday, Saturday and Sunday)

Meatballs (Kofte) (5 pieces) 18

Ground meat with fresh herbs and spices

Baby Lamb Chop (4 pieces) 27

Charred grilled baby lamb chops seasoned to perfection

Hunkar Begendi 22

Lamb stew over smoked eggplant puree

Lamb Sauté 22

Sautéed lamb with onion, green and red bell pepper

Lamb Shank 25

Slowly roasted lamb shank, topped w/tomato sauce

Rib Eye Steak 25

Lightly seasoned and grilled

Mix Grill 37

Lamb and chicken shish kebabs, lamb and chicken adana kebabs, chicken chops, meatballs and lamb chops. No Substitute.