Served with white rice, bulgur, mix green, grilled tomato and pepper

28- Lamb Shish Kebab 20

Tender cubes of marinated baby lamb shish

29- Lamb Adana Kebab 17

Chopped lamb mixed with fresh herbs and spices on flat shish

30- Doner (Gyro/Shwarma) 15

Thinly sliced roasted meat

31- Meatballs (Kofte) (5 pieces) 15

Ground meat with fresh herbs and spices

32- Baby Lamb Chop (4 pieces) 27

Charred grilled baby lamb chops seasoned to perfection

33- Hunkar Begendi 20

Lamb stew over smoked eggplant puree

34- Lamb Sauté 19

Sautéed lamb with onion, green and red bell pepper

35- Tandir 20

Slowly roasted lamb

36- Rib Eye Steak 25

Lightly seasoned and grilled

37- Mix Grill 34

Lamb and chicken shish kebab, lamb and chicken adana kebab, meatball and doner