Mix Grill Vegetables 15

Mushroom, green and red bell pepper, onion, eggplant, tomato, zucchini, hot pepper. Served with white rice and greens.

Vegetable Casserole 15

Tomato, green and red bell pepper, zucchini, onion, leek, celery, potato, carrot, garlic. Served with white rice.

Baby Okra Casserole 15

Baby okra with garlic, onion, and tomato. Served with white rice.

Falafel Platter (8 pieces) 15

Served with white rice, humus, greens, grilled tomato and hot pepper.

Spinach 15

Garlic, onion, rice. Served with yogurt and white rice.

Imam Bayildi 15

Stuffed baby eggplant served with white rice, greens, grilled tomato and hot pepper.

Kebabs with Yogurt

Kebabs served  on a layer of garlic bread and tomato sauces on top and grilled tomato and hot pepper

Iskender 20

(Friday, Saturday and Sunday)

Chicken Shish Kebab with Yogurt 20

Lamb Shish Kebab with Yogurt 22

Adana Kebab with Yogurt 20

Chicken Adana with Yogurt 20

Manti (Turkish Ravioli) 20

Beef dumpling served with garlic yogurt.


Served with white rice and arugula salad.

Grilled Bronzino (Levrek) 28

Grilled Orata (Cupra)  28

Grilled Salmon 24

Shrimp Shish Kebab 24

Shrimp Casserole 20

Large shrimp sautéed with onion, fresh peppers, garlic, mushroom, mozzarella cheese, and cream. Served w/ white rice.